Government Grant Consultations

Rhodium consultancy has the distinct advantage of being one of Australia’s very few specialized grants consultants. It is thence our humble intent to serve as a good Samaritan medium of sorts, between cash poor and flailing businesses with the potential to rise from the ashes, through acquiring government assistance programs on their behalf i.e. grants. There was quite palpably a dearth of knowledge and competition in this industry that we seek to fill. It may be a surprise to many budding entrepreneurs and struggling NGOs that at their disposal is a veritable maze of thousands of local, state and federal grants, that we can aid them in navigating. So quit the clutter, and speak to one of our grants consultants today!

At Rhodium we take corporate social responsibility with the utmost sobriety and seriousness. Thereby we understand the value that entrepreneurs bring to community upliftment and thence it is our duty to be of service for businesses that may not be ‘too big to fail’, but are definitely ‘too good to fail’. 

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